Why and How Should I Soak Beans?

Mar 2018

Most patients state they are very gassy eating beans.  Why should you not eat beans from a can?  There are a lot of toxic metals (aluminum in particular) and the canning process over-denatures proteins and the other good nutrients from the beans themselves.  If you must use a canned bean go the organic bean route (Eden is one brand).

If you are open to soaking your beans, the rewards are great, and here’s why:  If beans are soaked, the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors are neutralized and the difficult to digest complex sugars are broken down.  Phytates and enzyme inhibitors are not deactivated through ordinary cooking methods.

Soaking beans is simple!  Put beans or lentils in a glass (not metal) bowl.  Add water and lemon juice, then soak for 24 hours.  Drain and rinse the beans and cook them.