What Could Make You Stumble Over Your Habits

Jan 2019

How To Start Forming Better Habits You Love – Part 2

What is the best way to get your spouse to stop turning into Santa Clause or Mrs. Clause? Absolutely do not guilt them into it! Clinical research shows “guilting” is the totally wrong approach. It is as bad as asking your uncooperative kids to load the dishwasher!

Overcome Stumbling Blocks

It is also NOT recommended to share your habit goals to friends and family. Why? Letting others know you are changing a habit or habits creates a premature sense of accomplishment which can drain motivation to change according to clinical research. It is also wise not to tell anyone because you simply do not want negative feedback from others. Hearing negative things from people closest to you can demoralize you easily. Unless you have an iron will, you are able to overcome all the negativity, so be careful. The goal is to make great habits towards improving your health and not get you sicker than before!

The other recommendation is to not think negative thoughts. Focus not on the habit your are trying to break and more on the habit you are trying to implement; negative thoughts tend to take over your brain; beware, do not fall prey! Focus on the positive behavior changes; this will allow you to succeed.

We want you to have small wins and succeed every step of the way. Start setting one positive change in your lifestyle today and stick with it for at least 66 days!