Triggers to Change your Health – Why Cleanse?

Jan 2019

Why Cleanse?

‘Tis the season to think about detoxifying your body or maybe you have heard your physician or a friend mention “cleansing”. They both mean the same thing…why do you want to consider this for the New Year even if you have been eating all organic and grass fed meat all year?

Without a doubt over the course of the year you have been exposed to the following: chemicals added to your food, bugs in your environment or in your food or water source, stressors in life, or changes in your hormones (male or female) e.g. loss of libido, cramping, headaches unexplained etc.

So even though you might not have any clinical symptoms that tell your body, “the system is not working well”, you have been exposed to one or all of the following mentioned above. If you change the oil filter in your car, why wouldn’t you do this for your body? It makes simple sense.

How to Start Cleansing Properly?

Cleansing is a three step process:

  1. Take the Systems Survey (if you have in the past it is good to take it again to see how your body has changed); if you are having lots of symptoms we encourage you to take the Metabolic Survey and the Digestive Screening (I need you to put links in for both).
  2. Send this to Get a complementary evaluation of your surveys to determine your suggested nutritional support to start to cleanse (this lasts at least 2 to 4 weeks)
  3. Schedule a date to consult with Dr. Susan to go over cleansing regardless if this is the first time or the 5th time; every protocol for every patient is not identical all the time. Also in the consult the cleanse will be catered to your current clinical needs.

Cleanse will either be 10 days or three weeks long depending upon your case. We are here to guide you through this cleanse as you start to complete cleansing in most cases not all, a blood script or lab work will be required to determine your new baseline.

From your cleanse you will have the opportunity to improve your overall health with improved energy, oftentimes accelerated and maintained weight loss, and gut health. We want the cleanse to be a part of your annual “Get Back To Health Plan” and keep it!

All too often patients start their year with lofty goals only to find they are half way through the year and have not achieved their health goals. We have broken down the cleanse in such bite size achievable pieces, you might be asking yourself post cleanse…”Why did I not do this sooner?”. Start with Step #1 and set a date you want to start cleansing; we are here to help.