Train Your Brain

Apr 2018


The most recent clinical research  indicates that “muscles do not carry memory“. It’s all in your head or in the brain pathways. Do you wonder why an athlete keeps going back into the same poor motion pattern? Or better yet, they keep having the same injury in the same areas of either their muscles or spine?

What You Need To Know

There are some muscles that can be turned off by the brain whereas other muscles can get overworked. Added to this phenomenon is the fact that muscles can be trained and strong to handle the load of a particular sport or activity and yet they do not work….in essences the muscles have been turned off by the brain and a less than ideal human movement pattern has presented. This is the brain body connection. Learn more about how the brain learns in a quick learning series we designed for athletes of all ages. Learn how your brain and body are connected to create better performance. This page comes equipped with articles that you will find useful to to train your athlete or a child towards better performance.

Looking For Brain Assessment Forms?



All forms have to be opened using Adobe Acrobat for the calculations to work properly. If you do not have an Acrobat software please download here.

How Does Negative Plasticity Affect The Male Child’s Brain? Read Here.

How does the modern age affect the current brain development of our children? Read more about the article to learn why certain games and devices are not advisable for toddlers. A must read for parents.

Why You Need To Train Your Gut Too. Read Here

A happy gut equals a healthy mind. Find  out why a dysfunctional gut can lead to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. It pays to be informed.