Titleist Performance Institute is the world’s leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. The Institute sits inside the Acushnet Company’s Oceanside, California Test Facility. The drive through the front gate reveals what can only be described as a golfers paradise. The meticulously maintained 33-acre site is the most technologically advanced golf evaluation and education facility on the planet. Three fairways with Tour quality greens and bunkers, a state of the art fitness facility and a 3-dimensional motion capture studio, all combine to give the TPI staff unprecedented research and testing capability.

TPI’s evaluation and testing continues well beyond just the campus in Oceanside. TPI protocols are developed and tested through many strategic partnerships with NCAA Universities, major health-care hospital systems, leading fitness organizations, professional golf associations and national Olympic sports development programs on five continents. Everything TPI teaches has been validated through years of research and testing by industry leading experts, many of whom sit on the TPI advisory board. So how do you gain access to all this expertise? – Through TPI’s worldwide network of Certified professionals.

Since 2003, TPI has studied thousands of golfers ranging from the top professional Tour players to weekend enthusiasts. Imagine gathering an incredible amount of data of how players of all shapes, sizes, ages, and fitness levels and are now harnessing this to discover how a properly functioning body allows a player to swing a golf club as efficiently as possible. They have even analyzed how certain physical limitations in a player’s body could also impair a swing and potentially lead to muscle damage or injury.


TPI’s mission is to educate golfers and industry professionals on The Body-Swing Connection through its one of a kind ‘TPI Certified’ educational program. This program was developed by founders Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips along with a 52 member advisory staff of industry leading experts. The Institute also has five unique fields of study being offered for TPI Certification, these are:

  • Golf
  • Medical
  • Fitness
  • Power
  • Junior Development

Currently, there are over 15,000 TPI Certified professionals in 58 countries assisting players of all skill levels.

Dr. Susan Clark’s


Students will learn TPI’s 16 physical screens, 12 major swing characteristics and multiple exercise protocols utilizing over 65 exercises. Students learn how to quickly identify any physical limitations that may be causing a player’s swing inefficiencies and master simple solutions to get them back on track.


Know how to set up each of the 12 Cyclones, 12 SMASH Zones, 12 Wave Schools and how to implement the EDP (Elite Development Program). Including the Pre-EDP class, the EDP Bootcamp and all three EDP Schools (1,2 and 3). Get personalized instruction from some of the best in the junior golf business. PGA of Australia professional Denis McDade, junior conditioning expert Milo Bryant and pediatric orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ernst Zwick are the facilitators. Combined, they have over 50 years of experience in developing, training and treating some of the best junior golfers in the world.


A time to put into practice all the diagnostic and rehabilitation skills that were taught in Level 1 and Level 2 Medical. Get personalized instruction from some of the best in the golf health and fitness business. Dr. Greg Rose, Dave Phillips and Dr. Michael Voight are the instructors for this. Combined, they have over 75 years of experience in working with and treating some of the
best golfers in the world.

SFMA instructors Dr. Greg Rose and Dr. Michael Voight will help you perfect your SFMA practical skills. Students will master the Top Tier Assessment and each of the seven Breakouts. Advanced Body Swing Connection with the help of TPI Co-Founder Dave Phillips, they will continue to advanced each participants knowledge of the Body-Swing Connection and continue to cover advanced swing characteristics and more advanced golf terminology. Injury Inducing Mechanics As covered in Level 2 Medical, making the link between certain injuries and the golf swing is a critical step in solving the player’s problems. This program will discuss in detail each of the major injury inducing mechanics. Advanced swing analysis, including 3D motion capture will be used. Visual System Evaluation – It’s now time to practice TPI’s visual assessment. Students will assess each others visual system and how it relates to common golf swing characteristics.


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