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Adrenal Handouts

Do’s and Don’ts In Recovering From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Adrenal Fatigue

Estrogen Dominance

Mediterranean Diet Adrenal Stress Protocol

Salt Protocol For Adrenal Fatigue

Sleep Evaluation

Vaginal Dryness and Dysplasia

Anti – Aging

Anti-Aging Tips

Cancer Handouts

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Workshop 

Breast Cancer in the Modern World


If you have Cancer should you be eating Sugar? 

Cholesterol Handouts

COD Liver Oil Lastest News on July 2008

Controlling Cholesterol

Fats and EFA’s 

Exercises Handouts

Acute Care Nutrition Workshop 

Attaining & Maintaining Health and Fitness

HRT Zones

NSCA Guidelines on Lifting 

Female Hormones Handouts

Endocrine Support 

Introducing Natural Hormones Progesterone In Post Menopausal Women

Women ‘s Health Workshop #1 

Women ‘s Health Workshop #2 

Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue Handouts

Autoimmunity – A Nutritional Strategy

Heart Rate Variability Testing

Hypothyroid Handouts

Hypothyroid Protocol

Nutrition Response Testing – New Patient Orientation Handouts

Nutrition Response Testing – New Patient Orientation

Nutrition Handout

Basic Nutritional Concept

Acid/Base Principle

Food Chemical Effects on Acid/Alkaline Body Chemical Balance

The Four-Week Dietary Guidelines For Improved Health & Weight Management

Glycemic Index

Understanding Fats In Your Diet Which Fats Are Good And Sources Of Good Fats

Protein to Eat and Avoid

Simple vs. Complex Carbohydrates

Why Grassfed is better than Organic

Why Doctors Hilgartner Perform the Zinc Taste Test


The Key To Health

Fatigue and Energy and Hormone

Kombucha Drinking 

Immune System

How to Naturally Boost your Immune System

Basics on the Immune System

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Omega 3 and Omega 6

Omega 3 vs. Omega 6 Food List

Why Consider Supplementing The Diet With Omega-3?


Postnatal Nutritional Protocol

Pregnancy Nutritional Protocol


10 Day Program Blood Sugar 1

10 Day Program Blood Sugar 2

Food Shopping Checklist

Optimal Health Classs Purification

Patient Handout – Blood Sugar

Purification Program Outline

Weight Loss During 21-Day Purification & Beyond

Purification Program – Quick Reference Flow Chart

A Guide to the 21-Day Purification Program

Sources of Vitamins

Sources Of Magnesium

Foods Sources Of Vitamin D

Whole Food Supplements

How to read A Vitamin Label

The “Whys” Whole Food Supplement

Whole Food vs. Synthetic

Young Athletes

Athletic Sports Performance Protocol

The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Young Athlete

Young Athlete’s Nutritional Protocol

Osteoarthritis Handouts

Osteoarthritis Article

Osteoporosis Handouts

Initial Consideration – Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis Protocol

Sleep Handouts

Sleep Protocol

TMA Handouts

Blood vs. Saliva vs. Hair Testing

Hair Sampling Intruction

Toxicity Handouts

A Comparative Study of Vioxx and Celebrex; Viable NSAIDs?



Raising a Drug Free Family 1

Raising a Drug Free Family 2

Toxicity Handouts

Lymphatic Drainage

Nutrition Consult

Blood Work Made Simple

Foods to Eat

Candida Specific Diet

Four Week – Step by Step – Dietary Guideline

Food List (what to eat)

The Purification Cookbook

Shakes! New Recipes…

LifeQuest Whey Protein Healthy Option for Cleansing Shakes

Purification shopping list

How To Lose Weight & Keep It Off

Four Week Step By Step Dietary Guideline

Foods To Eat

Post Purification


Report on Weight Loss

Patient Direct for Standard Process


An outline of our purification program

A list of foods you will need during purification

SP Complete™ Shake Recipes

Purification Cookbook

Standard Process® SP Green Food™

Standard Process® SP Complete™

Standard Process® Gastro-Fiber®

Standard Process® SP Cleanse®


Food reintroduction worksheet

Post-purification weight loss

Toxic Load & Lab Testing

Whole Food Supplementation

list of whole food resources

Improve your Game

Active Release Technique

False Sweeteners to Avoid

False Sweeteners

Genetic Testing


Titleist Performance Institute

Train Your Brain

Jump into Action

Considering the Adductor Brevis

Death by Food Pyramid: A Book Summary

Injury Prevention

Sports Links

Baseball Training Aids

The Burnt Out Athlete