Habit Forming

Jan 2019

How are you doing on creating a new health habit in the New Year? If already stumbled in not achieving the first step….go back to our blog titled “A New Year A New Health Habit”.

Remember positive energy is contagious; make getting back your health and your families health the #1 priority. The goal is to be stable, mobile, functional the whole year through is the gift of life that keeps on giving.

Carve out your time for health; whether it could be drinking more water during a certain time of the day; or it could be consistency taking your supplements during a certain time of the day; or it could be exercising during certain days and times during the week.

Start with small easy to accomplish health habits and then go onto the more challenging ones after. You will be amazed at how many great health habits you can pack into your lifestyle! Always always be specific on your timeline with your health habits. Put it on your phone calendar and on a calendar at home.

We all know if it is not on the calendar or in your brain, it simply does not get done or something of what seems as higher priority bumps up higher on the to do list. Bottom line, incremental health habits equals functional, stable, mobile life.