Genetic Testing

Apr 2018


NutriSync is a product that was developed by genetic scientists, genomic nutritionists and fitness professionals. The NutriSync Test is designed to help your doctor gain a better understanding of your own genetic make-up and can also guide the practitioner to construct a clearer road map for the patients’ exact nutritional needs and help them reach their fitness goals.

Targeting well-researched genes, the NutriSync Test focuses on key genetic variations that have implications for how much certain nutrients and specific exercises may benefit patients according to the recently published scientific studies. The NutriSync Action Plan interprets the scientific research on each patient’s genetic variations to set a specific lifestyle goal made for that individual. These goals are compared with an online NutriSync Lifestyle Survey, where the answers are provided by the patient. And based on this comparison, the Patient Action Plans give each individual an actionable guide to help increase the potential effectiveness of that person’s diet and exercise programs. Less frustration and more capability to reach for that goal!

NutriSync: Powered by Back In Action

If you want to learn more about Nutrisync, send us an email via We would be most happy to answer your questions or concerns. For appointments about Nutrisync please book via Nutrition Consult at our link at the top called Book An Appointment.


Are you interested in a more personalized understanding of what would be the best diet and exercise plan that works for you? Okay then, let’s take a look at your genes. Because the story is right there. Through Back In Action Chiropractic, a genetic nutrition and fitness assessment can be ordered for you.

What does this do for understanding how to achieve optimal health? The test gives you insight into the following and much more….

  • Do you eliminate toxins from your body efficiently?

  • How you lose weight and keep it off.

  • How much recovery time you need during post-exercise.

  • Susceptibility to osteoporosis?

  • Where your diet is deficient and how to clean up your diet.

  • Are there specific exercises that your body is best able to perform at?

  • Can you metabolize alcohol?

  • How you should exercise to support your body’s overall health.

All of these things are readily answered through a simple test. Boost your metabolism the right way and keep that extra weight off of your body not just during summertime but for the rest of the year!

If you have more questions regarding the product, kindly fill out this form and we shall reply as soon as possible. All information will be held in utmost confidence. Thank you and have a great day.