Adrenal Nap

Mar 2020

The Adrenal Nap Protocol

Fatigued in between matches? Here’s how to stay in the game and remain mentally engaged. Know the tips and secrets of the finest athletes in the business!

Embrace the “Adrenal Nap”. Yes, there will be a lot of adrenaline rushing through your body before and during the matches but do you think your adrenals are taxed? The answer is yes. You’ll be amazed at how much more energy you have. Even if seriously fatigued, you can take two adrenal naps during the long break in between matches. Here are the simple steps to take an adrenal nap:

  1. Do not take a nap longer than 30 minutes; ideally 15 minutes; (Before you start make sure you set an alarm)
  2. Tournies tend to be loud! Have your favorite music to plug into.
  3. Lay down completely flat with either knees elevated to take pressure off the low back or knees bent; ideally legs up underneath a backpack with a towel over it to provide some cushion; your head completely flat on the floor or a towel roll under the neck; make sure the head is not forwardly flexed (bent forward)
  4. Get into your zone, seriously ZONE OUT! Focus on your breathing and the music; your brain will go into REM sleep.
  5. Have in your mind’s eye upon waking what you will do.

After waking up from your nap, stretch or roll out that area that was tighter than normal after the last match; you might find that area is more responsive after the adrenal nap

How to plan your next move

Think about your routine for the weekend. What does this mean? When you are going to do warm up, your team’s warm up, the food and drink in between matches, adrenal naps, etc. Use the long car ride to close your eyes and visualize yourself going through the tournament on day 1 with your routine. This process will help you physically and mentally prepare for the super challenges of the weekend ahead.

In any case have sweet adrenal naps in between matches everyone!