Active Release Technique

Apr 2018

What is Active Release Techniques®


Active Release Techniques® was pioneered by Dr. P. Michael Leahy. He studied engineering in the Air Force before becoming a chiropractor in 1984. As he watched athletes perform; he realized he could combine what he knew about engineering with his chiropractic knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to treat their soft tissue disorders quickly and get them back in their competition.

Four years later some of Dr. Leahy’s chiropractor colleagues persuaded him to teach his method of treatment. The room they reserved for the event overflowed with doctors interested in learning this new technique, leading him to formalize the training of his technique later on. ART® has now been patented with over 10,000 providers trained. Today, ART® is a proven soft tissue management protocol to reduce and eliminate scar tissue due to one of three mechanisms: constant pressure or tension, receptive stress, or a tear or crush to a specific area in the human body. If you are experiencing excruciating body pain, schedule a consult with Dr. Susan Clark today! Click here for an appointment. Her patients praise her for her understanding of what is causing the pain before treating the symptoms.



handbuttonUpper Extremity

For problems between the shoulder and hands. This includes rotator cuff syndrome, carpal tunnel, and tennis elbow.

footLower Extremity

Between the hip and foot make sure your provider is certified in lower extremity. (LE) This includes things like plantar fascistic, runner’s knee and hip pain.

pair of handsActive Palpation

This is a new course designed to show how Dr. Leahy accurately palpates (and subsequently resolves) soft tissue structures rapidly. (AP)

bodyNerve Entrapment

For numbness, tingling, or shooting pain in any area. (Ne) Provider should also be certified in the body area that you have the symptoms.

togaMaster’s ART®

These providers have taken extra training in fine tuning diagnostic skills as well as maximizing comfort level during treatment.


If you have a problem between the head and buttocks make sure your provider is certified in spine. (Sp)


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